The Howling Hounds

Born through the unholy union of a direct descendant of Vlad Dracul and a mad She-Wolf, BLOODWOLF, DEATHWOLF, FLESHWOLF and THUNDERWOLF grew up in the deep forests of the Romanian Carpatians.

Soon their unquenchable thirst for human blood deserted the surrounding villages and so the four beasts made the fatal decision to learn instruments and form the most terrifying band to wander the earth: THE HOWLING HOUNDS.

As ambassadors to their Carpathian sound, called “BLURF”, they are able to travel the whole world and stock up on fresh meat along the way.

The world is now ready to be converted!

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1. We are The Howling Hounds
2. Drug Crime
3. I´ve got better things to do
4. Even Hounds need love
5. Bat Soup